Eat me up!

Emma and Miyoko.jpg


In case you don’t know, we’re kinda into Miyoko Schinner and her vegan cheeses and butter. Like, we’re big fans. We’re ‘tell everyone who will listen to try it’ kind of fans. On Friday I learned that Miyoko herself was going to be making an appearance at a vegan restaurant we frequent in Austin. We had a hard time finding any details on the event (even the folks at the restaurant were in the dark), but we decided we would go even though it was on a school night. Since it was not being advertised, I was a little concerned we’d get there and find out it was a private party, or that she wasn’t actually going to be there or something.

We hit Austin early and made some of our usual stops, then headed for the restaurant. We had already ordered and I was taking my kid to the restroom when Miyoko walked in. I waved and my daughter stared in awe for a moment, then we headed to our original destination. When we got back, Miyoko had gone out to the patio area. Earlier in the day, my daughter made a kawaii drawing/painting of butter and she brought it for Miyoko to sign, so we grabbed it and headed out to ask for an autograph. There were only a few people out there at this point, but when we walked up, everyone quit talking and watched as my daughter explained her love of butter and showed her the painting. After Miyoko signed it, I got a picture of the two of them. It was a bit awkward (to be fair, I typically feel socially awkward), so we only briefly talked and then scurried back to our table inside for dinner.

When we sat down, I put my glasses on and looked at the photo. Blurry. Ugh. I was debating on whether or not to go ask for another one when our food came. We were just about to start eating when Miyoko came in and headed for our table. She asked if she could have a picture on her phone with my daughter. I told her I was so happy she asked since mine didn’t come out. So I was able to take a good photo (the one above), and also take one on Miyoko’s phone for her. Whew.

At this point my daughter was just down right giddy. Not only did a real life celebrity chef (my kid is a big fan of Master Chef Jr.) compliment her art, but also sought her out for a picture! But then! Miyoko came back in because the lighting was terrible (it really was) in her pic and asked for one this time with me, my daughter, and her in it. ❤

All the way back to San Antonio my love hugged that autograph. I told her about a trip to Sicily that Miyoko will be hosting and how I’d love to go, but it’s too expensive for all of us to make it. She said, “Well, can we afford for just me to go?”.

Fabulous night. Go vegan. And go try Miyoko’s cheese.

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