The Shampoo Dilemma


So… I’ve been opposed to artificial fragrance and coloring for many, many years. BUT I also try to cut plastics out every chance I get and of course, no bunny burning is THE BIGGEST priority.

Normally I use @acureorganics and really love their shampoos. However, I’ve heard a lot about how great @lushcosmetics shampoo bars are (and no plastic!!) and I decided to try some out.

It was my first time in one of their stores and the smell was a bit overwhelming, but I didn’t get a headache or anything. I picked the bars that looked to be the most gentle and least artificially scented.

After trying a couple of them out I can say that they work, for sure. My hair looks just as good as before and I love not having plastic involved. But my bathroom now smells like the store. It’s really strong.

I couldn’t tell how powerful the fragrance was until I brought them home. Don’t get me wrong, I love to smell good, but synthetic smells creep me out.

Now… What to do? Do you know of a product that works as well as these bars without the artificial fragrance and colors? Is plastic free, naturally scented shampoo that works even attainable?

Please let me know!

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