How vegan gravy changed my life…

I kept meaning to try to make vegan gravy, but for some reason I just never did. Well, last night I decided it was about time I did it and as an expert gravy maker in my previous life, I chose to wing it. And it was mind blowing. Here’s what I did:

First I started a roux with 1/4 cup whole wheat flour and 1/8 cup olive oil:

Step 1

Once all the oil is absorbed into the flour, I add soy milk. No idea how much, I’m terrible at keeping track, but several cups. You want it to be runny because it will thicken up:

Step 2

Now – this is a VERY BIG deal – shake some Liquid Smoke into it. If you don’t have Liquid Smoke, so to the grocery store and get some. It’s next to all the BBQ sauces. Add about as much as in this pic (I know, again with the not measuring) and I also season with salt, onion powder, garlic powder, and a little cumin:

Step 3

Whisk it well and set it aside on low heat while you saute a half an onion, then add a package of Beyond Beef grounds and some frozen peas to it and heat:

Step 4

Once that is heated, add as much gravy as you want. My family asked me to save some gravy so they can drink it like a smoothie, and that’s fine. You should have plenty to save for later:

Step 5

Serve it over biscuits and expect the lucky recipients to be forever indebted:

Step 6


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