It’s my birthday!

I’m celebrating my birthday this year by giving one lucky goat fan some awesome presents!

First, I’ll start with this bag from Bungalow 360. I have some of their canvas bags and love them, and get plenty of compliments on them, but when I saw this new stuff! Honestly, I loved the look immediately, but I was a little conflicted. I kind of felt like I was supporting the look of leather even if I know it’s not leather. But I also think, if people see these kinds of bags and like them, they might get one, whether they’re against leather or not, and therefor make a difference. And who wouldn’t want to get one, amirite? It’s gorgeous!

I’m also giving away one of these awesome pins from Sara M. Lyons. But whatever.

And finally, from Rejuva Minerals, my all time favorite makeup brand – a multi task powder for all skin types and tones.

Happy birthday to me!!


Me tomorrow morning…

I hate cocaine. But I love the way it smells. 

Rock out with your, uhm…