Petal 🌹 Power!

Mask sorcery is addictive! Dry face masks are a great way to get tons of variation from one product. 

Today I mixed Petal Power cleansing grains (organic rose petals, oats, and kaolin clay) with castor oil and non-gmo soy milk for a moisturizing, deep pore cleansing, collagen promoting, and gently exfoliating mask. 

Castor oil: the best choice for cleaning gunk out of pores. It also promotes collagen production and has anti-bacterial super powers. 

Non-GMO soy milk: organic soy milk is a friend to your face! High in protein, it’s another collagen booster and a fantastic moisturizer. If you don’t drink it, I still recommend keeping some on hand as part of your skin care routine. And if you have some leftover – use it as a hair treatment! 

What are your favorite mixers for dry face mask?

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