Try this toner!

I really love a good toner, but here’s the problem I have with the majority of the ones I find on the shelves:

  1. They have a ton of preservatives and/or ingredients I can’t pronounce.
  2. If they really are all natural, a lot of times they’re in an amber bottle and I can’t see if there’s a bloom or anything to let me know it’s gone bad (seriously, just last week I saw one in a clear bottle at Target that looked like it had a SCOBY in it, so what the heck is going on in the opaque bottles?).
  3. They’re in plastic.
  4. They don’t have a spray top. If you can keep your fingers out of it, you have less chance of contamination when you’re dealing with preservative free.

So of course I just need to make my own, right? Yes. But I really want to sell them to you! I had hydrosols in the shop – in a glass spray bottle, and preservative free. That’s all well and good until it gets hot outside. 😦  The hydrosols are fantastic, but also delicate, and they might be just fine to ship in this horrific Texas summer weather, but they might not. Thinking about all the time a beautiful floral water has to sit in a hot mailbox makes me cringe, so I won’t be stocking them again until probably November.

Until then, I’ve been racking my brain to figure out how to make a DIY toner kit and I think I have it! Except that I decided not to sell it – just to give you the recipe and if you’re one of those handy dandy DIYers, I hope you’ll try it. I’m loving it!

Rice Powder Toner

  • 1 cup distilled water
  • 1/4 teaspoon rice powder
  • 3 drops lemon essential oil
  • 3 drops lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil

Place rice powder in a glass bottle or mixing cup. Drop essential oils onto powder and swirl. Add one cup of distilled (distilled!) water and shake or stir until dissolved.

Store in refrigerator for best results.


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