Many years ago I lived on Willow Street in Austin and it was kinda rough at the time, but now it’s like the vegan eats capital of the world. We went to visit my old hood today – not for a trip down memory lane but for an awesome vegan food tour. And my old house is looking great and it’s even for rent! Although I’m guessing it’s a bit pricier these days. 😐

One of our stops was at Capital City Bakery. I did not know they had a trapeze school next door! It was so cool to get to eat our snacks and have such great entertainment to boot! I can’t wait to go back and hit the other 400 vegan establishments we didn’t get to.

My selfie game is strong. 

Peek at you, peek at you!

At LUSH or no?

Petal 🌹 Power!

Mask sorcery is addictive! Dry face masks are a great way to get tons of variation from one product. 

Today I mixed Petal Power cleansing grains (organic rose petals, oats, and kaolin clay) with castor oil and non-gmo soy milk for a moisturizing, deep pore cleansing, collagen promoting, and gently exfoliating mask. 

Castor oil: the best choice for cleaning gunk out of pores. It also promotes collagen production and has anti-bacterial super powers. 

Non-GMO soy milk: organic soy milk is a friend to your face! High in protein, it’s another collagen booster and a fantastic moisturizer. If you don’t drink it, I still recommend keeping some on hand as part of your skin care routine. And if you have some leftover – use it as a hair treatment! 

What are your favorite mixers for dry face mask?

So in touch with this…

This absolutely happened to me recently with this product:

Not only are these the most delicious spring rolls I’ve ever had from anywhere ever, but also they are vegan AF. 🤘