Brush With Bamboo

You may or may not already know this, so to be clear, I am very much against plastic. I haven’t found a way to completely avoid it, but one thing I never thought about was my toothbrush. Until…

I received a bamboo toothbrush in a subscription box sometime last year and was not optimistic. However, it was about time to change my brush so I tried it. Let me first tell you that I have ALL my teeth. My wisdom teeth are super difficult to clean and I immediately liked how easy it was to reach them with this brush. The bristles were soft, so I didn’t think I’d like that either, but I was so very wrong. In fact, I haven’t found one thing I don’t like about using a bamboo toothbrush and have already switched my whole family over to them!

Brush With Bamboo is the brand I’ve been using for several months simply because they are easy to find (read: Amazon), affordable, and pretty awesome. If you haven’t before, I hope you check out their site and see all the cool things about using a bamboo toothbrush!


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