A million thanks.

I saw this on Instagram today and my heart just swelled. I’ve been so blessed to have so much great feedback, but something about this just really made me smile. A million thanks to this awesome chick not only for placing an order with me after trying the sample, but also for taking the time to post this (with a super cool pic that I did not bring with me here):

xtineogle Some may have noticed that I didn’t post about my May #VeganCutsBeautyBox last month. Honestly I just wasn’t feeling it at all. I was over getting facial moisturizers every month, I don’t get excited over makeup brushes, and I honestly can’t even remember what the other products in the box were. I was very “meh” about the whole thing. Until I used the tiny little vile of facial serum that I really had no interest in. I’m glad I gave it a chance instead of throwing it to the side with the 50 other moisturizers I have gotten. #TheAmazingFace serum from @thegranolagoat is the shiz, y’all! Don’t believe me, go order some yourself. Good on @vegancuts for including them in their boxes last month!

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