I need a studio.

I mentioned to my daughter that I might need a studio soon. It’s a lot of work to make beauty products in your own kitchen. Sanitizing is not a problem, it’s not allowing anyone to come within 10 feet of the kitchen while I’m working – which sometimes is for hours at a time. But also there’s storage. My kitchen is small, so having to dedicate cabinet space to my tools and ingredients is quite inconvenient. I’m happy as heck that I get to do what I love from home, but yes, I’m complaining.

One thought that I had was to have a studio built in our backyard, and that still might happen eventually, but it’s not on the immediate horizon. My next idea was to get an apartment nearby. That would allow me to have a completely dedicated kitchen, plenty of storage, and an office that doesn’t have to share the space with the ironing board and Christmas decoration bins. Upon hearing this. my 7yo immediately grabbed her chalk and drew a chart for us on the chalkboard so we can plan which room would be hers and where the yoga studio would go. Le sigh. She has her own ideas for everything. Even for my ideas.

For now I’ll just be daydreaming of a studio and going over the details of the chalkboard graph.

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