Ingredient Spotlight: Hibiscus

This may not surprise you, but I really love plants. I’ve always wanted to own a nursery or an orchard, or both. It’s ironic (and a cruel twist of fate) that I can not grow a garden to save my life. I’ve tried, my friends, I’ve tried. I’ve spent so. much. money trying over the years, but it’s just not my bag. But I’ve accepted my shortcomings and found love in learning about plants and trying to incorporate them into many areas of my life. Like beauty. Speaking of beauty…

The hibiscus is one gorgeous girl. So tropical, so delicate with it’s crepe dress. These ladies are wonderful at evening skin tone and revealing soft, smooth skin. The high level of alpha-hydroxy acid in the flowers is much more gentle on skin that chemically made ones, giving you sensitive skin people (*raises hand*) a chance to use an AHA packed product without the redness and burning. The AHAs are a pretty big deal, but hibiscus also contains free radical scavenging antioxidants and is mildly astringent to soothe skin and reduce pore size.

Look for some lovely new products to pop up at that will feature this lovely and nourishing flower!

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