Ingredient Spotlight: Quinoa

Quinoa has been receiving a ton of hype for the past several years as a super food. It’s gluten free, high in protein, contains iron, B-vitamins, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and vitamin E. It’s considered a complete protein and comprised of essential amino acids. And if you’re a fan of alpha-linolenic acid (like I am!), it has that too. Quite an impressive little plant.

When ground and used as an ingredient in face treatments, it’s just as glorious. It’s great for acne prone skin since it can reduce sebum production. The lysine is reparative to damaged tissue and the vitamins, along with it’s mildly exfoliating texture, can reduce brown spots. There is probably no skin type that wouldn’t benefit from using quinoa powder.

You can expect to see some new products hitting the virtual shelves soon and guess what I’m planning on offering? Yes, look for a few items spotlighting quinoa and if you have a product you’d like to see, I’m always open for suggestions!

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