Earth Day!

Earth day is awesome. It’s a great time to try something out that would help make the planet a little healthier. Sometimes you you just need to try something for one day to realize you could do it full time. 

I am the kind of person that sneaks 1 liter bottles full of water into people’s toilet tanks (seriously, I used to do that, but I’m better at boundaries now). It saves a little water every day and it doesn’t change the efficiency of the toilet. Win. But even a hippie like me can get better at saving the earth. We used to reuse paper towels that were just used for hand drying or other non-gross things. Now we use cloth towels that I make from old clothes (but there are several awesome sellers on Etsy if you’re not into sewing). I’m really trying to cut out all single use plastics, like straws (we have reusable ones at home) and non-recyclable packaging. And consuming less in general is a top goal for me right now. 

Is there an earth loving strategy you’re going to try today? 

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