Vegan and Cruelty Free Razors

Razors may not be something you think about when wondering if your bathroom is truly cruelty free, but you should think about it! Although razors are not tested on animals, a lot of parent companies test on animals and if you’re voting with your dollars, think about what you’re voting for. One thing that had never (and probably would never) crossed my mind is: are they vegan? Those moisture strips can be the culprit keeping your razor non-vegan. I decided to try Preserve razors after reading this fabulously informative blog post by My Beauty Bunny. I was pleased with the 3 blade from Preserve that I found at Whole Foods (I’ve also seen them at Target and at Sprouts), but went ahead and ordered the 5 blade from their website. I’ve been very happy with this razor. In fact, I don’t plan on shopping anymore because ‘if it ain’t broke’. Happy shaving, everyone.


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