The Dry Shampoo Challenge!

I decided to challenge myself to go a full week without washing my hair (I normally wash it two or three times a week). I love dry shampoo for quick freshen ups, but I thought I’d like to know if it could really keep my hair looking clean and non-greasy for longer than I usually go. Here are my results (none of these pics have been edited at all):

Wednesday night I washed my hair with 365 brand unscented shampoo.

Thursday morning I used Resting Beach Face hair serum on the bottom 3 or 4 inches of my hair (it was looking a bit dry) and styled as usual:

Each night when I took a shower, I did rinse my hair with water, but no soap or shampoo. I was starting to get a bit anxious to wash my hair by Saturday (day three, my usual hair washing limit). It looked good, it smelled good, no itchiness or anything, I’m just that kind of person. Here’s Saturday, after using a generous amount of dry shampoo (more than necessary because I was being weird) and even though I overused it, you’ll see no residue and it’s still looking good:


Finally I made it to Wednesday night! I’d been outside and it was windy, plus the end of the day, plus a ton of static. So while my hair doesn’t look great here, it does look clean! And it smelled fabulous all week. After Thursday, when I used Resting Beach Face, the only product I used in my hair was my Granola Girl Dry Shampoo and Granola Girl Hair Perfume:

Obviously I’m pleased with the results of my test. Am I going to start washing my hair only once a week? Probably not. I’m happy with how the week went and how my hair looked, but I really like washing my hair every two or three days. A bottle of shampoo lasts forever around here, so I’m also happy with our low use of plastic, even though no plastic would be awesome. Maybe someday.

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