(I don’t want) To Do List

You know what has been on my (I don’t want) to do list for like a year now? An FAQ for my shop. I know, I know, how hard could it be? Not very. It took me half a day, so I have no idea why I put it off so long, but here it is! Squee!

The Granola Goat FAQ:

How did The Granola Goat get started anyway?

I hate to admit this, but I can’t stand wearing makeup. Ugh, my skin is SO sensitive and makeup is just more time in the bathroom when I could be on Twitter. My solution to wearing less makeup is better skin! And the best skin I’ve ever had has come from using the products I’ve created, and now offer for sale in my shop. You don’t have to hate makeup to want the best skin you can have – in fact I think the opposite is true! So shopping here doesn’t mean you hate wearing makeup, but it’s fine if you do. I’m not judging.

Are all of your products vegan and cruelty free? How do you know your suppliers aren’t testing on animals?

YES! All of our products are certified vegan AND cruelty free by PETA. We are also certified cruelty free by the Leaping Bunny program. We care about this deeply and if we cannot verify our suppliers are cruelty free via their own literature, we contact them to make sure.

Where do you get your ingredients?

We source from several major companies. Our sea buckthorn berry oil comes from SeabuckWonders, a well-known and respected manufacturer of USDA Certified Organic oils and supplements. Many of our powders are from the Frontier Co-op and our essential oils are from Eden’s Garden. We believe in transparency and in purchasing from companies who have a reputation to protect. We will never purchase cheap products from suspect suppliers, no matter what their claims are. Saving a dime is not worth putting adulterated ingredients in our bottle and on your skin. We want you to be healthier, and safer when it comes to your beauty choices!

Are your products recommended for sensitive skin?

Oh yes. Remember what I was saying about how sensitive my skin is? It’s bad. I went to the makeup counter at a department store once and told the girl I had crazy sensitive skin and needed a super gentle moisturizer. She said she had what I needed and I sat in the chair, hoping I’d finally find something my skin could handle. Within a few seconds of her applying it, my skin was bright red and on fire. It wasn’t long after that that I started toying with recipes to make my own moisturizer. Sensitive skin people, welcome home.

Do your products contain fragrances? What about parabens? Preservatives?

No, no, mostly no. The lovely scents in our products are from pure essential oils and the natural scent of the plant ingredients used. Nothing synthetic is ever used. There are no parabens in our ingredients or in our finished products. As for preservatives, our alcohol free witch hazel is preserved with 0.014% (yes, zero point zero one four) plant obtained benzoic acid. It’s not synthetic, but technically it is a preservative. We don’t like preservatives, so we avoid water. It’s that easy to get around using them, which is why we offer serums and not creams, and sell our face masks dry.

 Your ingredients lists are pretty short. Why don’t you put more stuff in your stuff?

It’s simple… we like to keep it simple. We believe in getting the full benefit from few as opposed to minimal benefit from many. If you want to go crazy and get lots of ingredients at once, mix some of our products. It’s not unheard of for us to sport a face mask that was mixed with the last little bit of three different jars. And who says layering toners is a bad thing?

 What if I don’t like it?

We don’t think that’s going to happen. So we don’t have a problem with giving you our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like one of your products, convo us. We are happy to refund or replace items you don’t like. Seriously.

Is your company zero waste?

We’re close. We have very little waste, but we can’t claim zero just yet. We do recycle shipping supplies, so if you ever get any bubble wrap in a package, we didn’t buy it, we’re just trying not to throw it away. All of our containers are glass with recyclable plastic lids. When we pretty our packages up for shipment it’s with paper – tissue paper, craft paper, and washi tape. And we try to go easy on all the literature we shove into our boxes, but what we do send out – also paper. Our USPS supplied boxes and envelopes are made from recycled products and are recyclable themselves. Please recycle and reuse everything you can.

 I’m a beauty blogger. Do you do collaborations?

Yes. If you are a beauty blogger in our target audience, we’re very interested in sending you products to review. If you are not in our target audience, or don’t have many social media followers, we will offer you a discount to try and review our products. Our target audience includes vegan and cruelty free beauty lovers, minimalistic ingredient fans, natural and organic skin care lovers, and health conscious folks. A great Instagram feed goes a long way, too.

 I want to be a stockist. How do I get started?

We would LOVE to be a part of your community! We’re happy to send you our line sheet upon request. You can get started with our low minimum first order requirement of $150. Drop shipment is not available at wholesale prices and currently we can only accept stockists in the United States.

If there is anything not covered here, please contact us.

Thanks for stopping by!

– Liz

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