Work, work, work, work, work…

I dream of someday building my own studio/office in my back yard, or maybe on the roof of my house. Until then, peak behind the curtain and see where:

  • I am now
  • I do all my product labeling and sealing
  • I do all my product wrapping and shipping
  • I spend too much time Windows shopping


Office Pic.JPG

New Business Cards!

Having fun with my personal business card design.  Why not let people get to know me a little, right?  Here’s what the back will look like:

Lizs Business Cards Back

Check out The Lavender Leaf’s Review!

Today I tried out The Granola Goat’s Midnight Magic Dry Face Mask, and I’m so excited about it. This mask is meant to boost skin with antioxidants and battle any nagging breakouts, maki…

Source: The Granola Goat’s Midnight Magic Dry Face Mask

We’re Live!

Guess what?! There’s a GREAT deal going on over at Vegan Cuts right now! The Amazing Face Serum is on sale for $21 (normally $24) with FREE SHIPPING! Squee!

The Amazing Face Serum 2


Like velvet.

On a whim one day I mixed my Petal Power Cleansing Grains with a little of The Amazing Face Serum and used it to exfoliate my face after a cleansing with soap. Wow. It’s become one of my favorite treats for my skin! I like to use this in the shower, after I’ve washed my face, but it can be done anytime.

When I use this in the shower, I pour about a teaspoon of cleansing grains into my palm (be mindful to not get water into the jar!) and then put two or three pumps of oil  and a few drops of water (use however much you want to get a good consistency) in the mix. I massage it all over my face and then rinse. It really seals in the moisture from the shower and leaves a fabulous glow!