Dinosaur Free Baking Soda!

Did you know that a lot of my job is research? I research recipes, ingredients, herbs, suppliers, other makers, product photography, pretty much everything. Pinterest is part of my work day. Lately I’ve been thinking of expanding into dry shampoo and I pulled out my trusty recipe book. The recipe I’ve used in the past is good (really good – maybe the best), but I wanted to see how my ingredients compared to other sellers and what customers are saying about them.

I saw several sellers claiming their dry shampoo was made with ‘Aluminum Free Baking Soda’. Total pet peeve of mine. I love Bob’s Red Mill, but I think they’re to blame for this misconception. Baking soda doesn’t contain aluminum. None of it does, I guess unless you add your own. But since they label theirs ‘Aluminum Free’ like this is a thing, I’m considering noting that the baking soda I use (which is Bob’s) is also ‘Dinosaur Free’. Both true, both irrelevant facts.

I love Crunchy Betty! And this blog post of hers offers more information on the subject: The Great Baking Soda Anti-Hoax.

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