Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

So, I was pretty excited about doing some collaborations with other Etsy sellers in my shop. I wanted to find someone who makes makeup bags, facial rounds, and mixing bowls to compliment all the skin care items I make and sell. I’ve seen lots of sellers on Etsy featuring work from other shops in their own shops as a ‘collaboration’. To be fair, by definition alone I should have know this wasn’t actually collaborating. Anyhoo, after researching Etsy rules and guidelines, I’ve discovered you can not resell anything you had no part in making in your shop. It’s against what they stand for. A real bummer, but I get it. As for all those shops out there doing it wrong, I’ll leave it up to them to figure it out.

By the way, there are a couple of other options to get around this – first you can hire someone and list them in your shop’s ‘About’ section. Secondly, you can apply to use an outside manufacturer to make your designs.

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