Altruism Gift Set

I’ve added a listing to my shop that I hope catches on…

Altruism Gift Set

And I want to tell you about our first recipient of a box:

She just finished a really rough year- her husband has cancer that wasn’t responding to treatments, was spreading, etc. until she was able to get him new treatments, but only after fighting with the insurance companies for coverage for the expenses, which were quite significant. She has recently gone back to work, so I know her three kids and husband are taking her time. Doubt there’s much pampering or “me time”. Oh- and her mom is a hoarder, not financially independent, and in general, has a heart of gold, but can be a lot of heartache. She has always given her all to volunteering and her family, and I’d love for her to have a little surprise just for her!

I hope she loves her gifts and sees that she is just fabulous and people know it.

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