Carpet Deodorizer

I love to keep it simple. One of my favorite simple recipes is for carpet deodorizer. When I use this stuff, my whole house smells like an Altoids tin. Ahhhh…..

2 cups baking soda (cruelty free, please)

40 drops peppermint essential oil (adjust more or less to your liking)

I like to pour the baking soda into an old reusable water bottle, drop in the peppermint, put the lid on and shake it like crazy. I keep it in the water bottle since the lid is perfect for shaking out onto the carpet.

To use, just shake it out onto your carpet, sweep to disperse it evenly and help penetration, and vacuum. You can play around with the essential oils you like to customize your scent! Remember that cats hate strong smells and some essential oils are very dangerous for cats to be around – even if only inhaling, so make sure they have a place to get away to. My cats love to hang out on the patio outside, so I only use this if they’re out enjoying the day.

This is also a great shoe deodorizer. 😉



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