Flannel Washcloths?

Guess what world? I’ve filled all 4,500 bottles of The Amazing Face Serum samples for the Vegan Cuts promotion coming up. I’ve got about 1,000 left to label, shrink band, and pack, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now I’m looking for a new project to consume every extra moment I have in my life….

I’ve been wanting to make a washcloth to sell in my Etsy shop. At first I thought I’d crochet them, but crocheted cotton can be tight and rough on the skin. Then I tried knitting them. I really love my knitted washcloths, but as body cloths because they are still too abrasive for my sensitive face. I considered round flannel cloths like these awesome ones, but I don’t have a serger (although it’s my dream to be a good enough sewer that I need one), and am not really advanced at sewing. Then I saw this post on One Good Thing By Jillee: Make Your Own Eye Make Up Remover Pads. Duh. Do them square. How easy is this? And I promise I will not use thrift store pillowcases (but do what works for you) if I end up making some for the store!

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