Urban Oreganics

A friend of mine is having a baby soon and I was searching Etsy for cool gifts for her. I stumbled upon this shop and I’m completely blown away. I love everything about it and it’s pretty much exactly where I’ve envisioned my own store going eventually. You know that “Who Would You Invite To Dinner” game? I’d like to change my first answer (Justin Timberlake) and take Emily.

If I could only…

If you could have any skill, what would be? Here’s a list of things I wish I could do (and now I feel bad ‘cure cancer’ or ‘achieve world peace’ isn’t on it):

  • knit/crochet sellable objects instead of just the trapezoid shaped dish towels I always make.
  • use a DSLR camera
  • use Photoshop
  • be an awesome graphic designer
  • make soap
  • sew

You know, I probably could do those things. Excuse me while I go make a years long list of videos to watch on YouTube…

Minute to Win It

Last week, we hosted our first Minute to Win It holiday party with a few friends. It was SO FUN! I really hope to do it again next year and I highly recommend you try it as well. Here’s the YouTube channel of an awesome group of folks who have nailed party games:

Minute To Win It Party Channel

I also have a short video of our festivities on my Instagram page.

Hilarious, but NSFW!

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in ever. I already know who’s getting this for Valentine’s Day (no, it’s not my husband – I’m not *that* weird). Please do not click if you don’t want to see a bunch of beautifully drawn and highly offensive words:

Sweary Colouring Book


Do you love Sara from SaraBeautyCorner or what? She’s awesome. And for probably 2 years now, she’s given me and my daughter a ton of laughs and tears as we’ve tried (usually unsuccessfully because I’m a complete Pinterest Fail kind of person) tons of her projects ourselves. So go watch Sara be awesome and do some fun stuff with your family. Yay Norway!