More Cat Stories

Do I talk about my cats too much? No? Ok, if you insist, here’s another cat story…

When my cat got her teeth cleaned, I decided to pick her up right away, before she was totally awake from the anesthesia. If you find yourself in my shoes, don’t do that. Just let the cat stay at the vet as long as you can. I came home and as soon as I let her out of the carrier, she fell on her face while trying to walk. Then she started trying to push out through the cat door, but she was missing and hitting her head over and over. I didn’t want her to go out because I was afraid she’d fall in the pool, but I figured she might have to go and in her condition, I felt the yard might be a better option than an automated litter box, so I helped her out and went outside with her to supervise. She started heading for her spot, which is in the back of the yard at the bottom of a big slope. As soon as she started going down the slope, she disappeared from sight and all I saw were these four brown paws go up in the air. And they just stayed there. She was back to normal soon, but I’ll never regret not filming anything more than that.

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