Make your own toner day…

I love, love, love Witch Hazel! If you can get your hands on alcohol free, please try it. But if your skin isn’t too sensitive, you can use the drug store kind (usually contains alcohol).

Witch Hazel is an effective acne treatment and works wonders to reduce puffiness around eyes. It’s a soothing and refreshing skin treatment with a long list of uses. It’s perfect to pair with the lovely Calendula Flower. Calendula is on of the great healing herbs, renowned for reducing inflammation and being packed with anti-oxidants.

To make a lovely toner, fill a quart jar half full with organic Calendula Flowers and top with Witch Hazel to the brim. Keep in a cool, dark area for two weeks, shaking daily. When your infusion is done, just strain, and add your choice of essential oils, or use as is. Your skin will thank you.

Other great ingredients to infuse in Witch Hazel: Rose Petals, Lavender, or even Green Tea!


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