Ingredient Spotlight: Red Raspberry Seed Oil

This is a fabulous oil! I use it in ‘The Amazing Face Serum’ and it’s the main ingredient in my soon to be released ’24 Carrot Face Serum’. I use, and highly recommend, cold pressed oil – and if you can find organic (for real organic, not just labeled organic) – even better! Here’s some of the great things about Red Raspberry Seed Oil:

  • Extremely gentle, great for sensitive skin.
  • Contains an anti-oxidant combination of Vitamin E (gamma tocopherols) and polyphenols
  • Full of essential fatty acids – 50% omega 6, 32% omega 3, 10% omega 9.
  • Shelf stable for 1-2 years.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Incredible anti-inflammatory properties.

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