The Amazing Amanda

My sister-in-law is exceptionally fabulous. Like, I really don’t know how my brother managed to pull this whole thing off. Anyhoo, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into our relationship and why I love her via the text exchange we had a couple of days ago:

A: Stay safe!!

Me: Oh Christ. Is it dinosaurs?! I freaking knew there’d be dinosaurs!!

A: You are insane. And hysterical. Isn’t San Antonio somewhere kind of near you? And everyone at work is in to your toner now.

Me: Yes, I’m not watching the news though, so I’m getting a little nervous. If it’s the flooding, we’re good. If it’s dinosaurs, I have no plan in place.

A: It is the tornados I was a little concerned about, lady.

Me: OH CRAP! I better turn on the TV…

A: Legit.

Me: Awesome about the toner, BTW. Gotta go grab a mattress to hide under now.

A: Maybe you can make dinosaur repellent next.

Me: We’re so sure our product works, we’ll give you a million dollars if a T-Rex ever shows up after using our patented Granola Goat Dinosaur Repellent Spray!! Now available in a handy 32 ounce size.

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