Insane with the foot pain…

I’ve been having some foot pain for a while – like several months. I thought it was plantar fasciitis, so I waited for it to subside, but it started getting worse instead. And there was swelling, which was a new development. So I finally went to the ortho and they discovered a huge bone spur in my heel. I was feeling it because I have a case of Achilles bursitis, so the spur has been fraying my tendon with every step. The cure is easy enough – get the swelling down and stop the spur from digging in. The method is not something I was happy about – oral steroids. I warned my family that I might be a little cranky/aggressive/mean for the next 12 days. Here’s what happened on day one:

My extremely patient husband: Honey, can you come help me lift this box?

Me: Why? Are you a 12 year old girl? Are you afraid if you bend over and exert a little effort you’ll toot out all your glitter and lose your magic?

My extremely patient husband: Have you ever considered a career as a Drill Sargent?

Me: It’s the steroids! Leave me alone!

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