My morning routine

After staying up way too late and planning to sleep in, this is how my morning went:

7:21 dog wants out

7:25 (just when I’m back in bed): cat wants me to chase her down the hall swinging a tshirt at her, or some other mysterious reason for her yowling. Left back door cracked. 

8:00 air compressor and chop saws fire up next door. I forgot the neighbors were getting work done. 

8:14 strange noises from living room reveal I have to trap and release a tailless lizard and praise the cat to try and deter her from bringing in a raccoon next. 

8:40 lots of yelling at work site next door, then I hear the rain. 

9:00 cat hates the wicker laundry hamper. Tries to scratch it’s eyes out. Also hates everything on my nightstand. 

9:45 daughter wakes up and tells me (first thing) she wants a pet chicken. 

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