It’s a lot of a lot.

Reimagining my logo requires a whole crap ton of work. After drawing my logos (and I still need to have them cleaned up by an actual designer), I have to redesign all my labels and my social media graphics. And of course, new photos of the new labels. I’m getting there. My blog and webpage are redone, and I have some of my labels done, but I’m still working on a few more, and then photos. A normal person would wait until it was ALL done and unveil it as a solid, consistent relaunch, but not me. Never normal. Always excited. Web Site Home Page


I’ve always wanted a hand drawn logo for The Granola Goat. I figured it would be a while, cost a ton of money, and generally be a pain in the petunia trying to convey what I wanted to an actual artist. So I started working on it myself. I’m for sure no artist, but I’ve always doodled. After countless connotations, I’d like to introduce you to the new face of The Granola Goat:

Goat Logo - Color with Leaves.JPG

Her RBF is on point, no?

She’s too good at this…

My IG BFF @jenrecommends took this shot of my new serums from the samples I sent her. She has such an amazing eye! Can you imagine how big my business would be if I were as good as her at promoting my products? Whoa.

The coast calls. 

Road trip! I grew up in Corpus Christi, so naturally I hate it there, but I sure do love a day trip to the beach. 💘

The Vegan Yacht

The last place on our vegan food tour (so far), may have been the best! This is the Freeto Burrito from The Vegan Yacht and it was epic. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Vegan Nom

The Vegan Nom must be on your food truck to do list!! 

I don’t even remember which taco this was, but we got 4 different tacos and every one was phenomenal!! Definitely going to hit this spot every time we go to Austin. 💘